Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Those Germans make good stuff

Today has started off great yesterday I was handed the key to a 2008 550i and this morning I took it out for a spin. I have always liked BMWs and bought my first one a year ago after salivating over my aunts for all these years. Then shortly after that my dad bought himself one. So needless to say when I have the opportunity to drive a newer one I do so.

BMW makes a great car this 5 series has a V-8, 6 speed transmission and is sitting on 19 inch M series wheels. The acceleration in this car is great pushing you back into the seat as long as you keep your foot in it smooth shifting and plenty of power. The one thing I did notice is the first half of the throttle is a nice gentle acceleration you get past that half way point it down shifts and puts you back in the seat so passing another car on the road should be no problem.

The interior is great nice big fat steering wheel the gauges nice and easy to read. The radio and navigation controls are controlled by a single knob in the center console which at first I thought seemed a little goofy but after playing with it a few minutes before driving I think its easier to use than reaching up on the dash to change the channels. It also has front and rear heated seat and directions on how to fit 4 golf bags in the trunk. And at 6’3” I actually found the rear seat comfortable to sit in not as roomy as a 7 series but a lot better than a 3. And like any German built car you can forget the cup holders I did find 2 in this car but they were big enough for a can not a supersized coke. This car has a black interior with black wood trim and some chrome accents. The exterior is silver with those nice angel eye headlamps.

I highly recommend if you ever have the chance to drive a BMW do so it really doesn’t matter what year or series you drive they all are fun cars to drive. They truly are the ultimate driving machine.

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  1. I gotta put Jodie back to work so I can afford one!