Thursday, August 27, 2009

2002 Z06

Well for my very first post I have decided to give you a little once over on an American classic. The corvette I am sure at some point in time you have rode in one or drove one. If not you must. I had 2 last week the one I was driving was a 2002 Z06 which is amazing to drive. Now I have come to realize that when you are in a road car or a sports car 110 or 120 feels about the same or so I have heard. But the real rush is 0-60, I know sheesh I drive 60 everyday for miles at a time. I understand that but can you get to 60 in 4 seconds? I loved it the car really hooks up and goes and pushes you back in the seat I could do stop and goes all day in that car. As far as the interior of the car being a little over 6 foot tall I fit comfortably it has a small heads up display which is kinda neat the newer ones actually have a G-meter built in so you can see how many G’s you are pulling in a turn. My record so far is ¾ of a G! I wasn’t in the mood to get arrested that day so I was taking it easy. The performance of this car is great it I would probably rack up speeding tickets in this thing if I owned one.

As far as looks go I still like the looks of the C6 but once you are in the drivers seat you really can’t see the outside can you. Black still is and always will be my color of choice and this one was. It had the factory wheels which look great. If you every get a chance to go drive one of these cars do it! You will not be disappointed. And like some of the new GM ads say. No one ever wrote a song about a little red Volvo!