Thursday, September 3, 2009


I recently had Chrysler Crossfire here and I have never drove one and since it was a beautiful day and the car was a convertible I decided I had to take it out for a spin. Once I got the top down I really started to look the car over. Now even though this car is made in Germany the Chrysler people will tell you that there is nothing Mercedes-Benz about the car other than a few underpinnings while the guys that work on these say there is more M-B in it than Chrysler says.

The interior lay out to me looks like a Mercedes from the simple round gauges to the design of the a/c controls. The leather seats are nice there are also a few little storage spots cleverly placed around the very tight cockpit. Now for me to drive this car with a
smidge of comfort I had to have the top down but my knees were still pressed firmly into the dash and I had to drive it with my head cocked down because the top of the windshield is eye level for me. So if your several inches under 6 foot tall this maybe a comfortable ride.

The power band on this v-6 is nice though with the manual transmission, driving this car through traffic and some winding back roads was fun, plenty of power at any rpm in any gear. The steering on the car is very very tight is uses an older style steering setup not a rack and pinion they car handles well and is a ball to drive although I would have enjoyed it much more were I shorter

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